Founded in 2006 while Vietnam was experiencing dramatic growth in both social and economic fields, accompanied by an ever-accelerating global integration process, Viet Capital aims to be a constant companion to its investors on the road to prosperity.

With our talented pool of well-qualified and enthusiastic local professionals, VCAM’s goal is to become one of the leading asset management companies in the country.

We commit to providing attractive returns at acceptable levels of risk to our investors ...read more
Viet Capital Fund (VCF), established in early 2007, is a domestic limited partnership opportunistic investment fund with an initial fund size of approximately US$ 50 million. As the primary objective is to achieve a high risk-adjusted return ...
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VCHF is the domestic limited partnership fund licensed by the Vietnam State Securities Commission with the primary objective of achieving medium to long-term (3-5 years) capital appreciation and providing ...read more